The MoveLab: Developing Congruence Between Students' Self-Concepts and Computing


The MoveLab was an educational research intervention centering on a community of African American and Hispanic girls as they began to transform their self-concept in relation to computing and dance while creating technology enhanced dance performances. Students within underrepresented populations in computing often do not perceive the identity of a computer scientist as aligning with their interests or value system, leading to rejection of opportunities to participate within the discipline. To engage diverse populations in computing, we need to better understand how to support students in navigating conflicts between identities with computing and their personal interest and values. Using the construct of self-concept, we observed students in the workshop creating both congruence and dissension between their selfconcept and computing. We found that creating multiple roles for participation, fostering a socially supportive community, and integrating student values within the curriculum led to students forming congruence between their self-concept and the disciplines of computing and dance.

In Proceedings of the 47th ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science Education (SIGCSE), ACM.